Monday, 10 February 2014

Leeds Fast Food Rights Protest 15 February 2014 - McDonald's, St. Johns Centre

Please attend the Leeds fast food rights campaign day of action on Saturday 15 February 2014 to take place outside McDonald's at the St. Johns Centre, Merrion Street, Leeds, LS2 8LQ at 13:00.

The multi-million pound fast food industry bases its profits on exploitation and increasingly a culture of zero hours contracts.

Workers who make the huge profits for the fast food corporations are on low wages and are not told about their rights.

In the United States there's been a growing movement for justice for workers in the fast food industry. This included protests and strikes.

We need a movement here too. At the heart of any such campaign is the need to get organised.

Fast food workers need string unions so they can fight together for decent pay, secure contracts and Respect.

Please attend.

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