Thursday, 7 November 2013

People's Assembly Meeting this Saturday.

On Saturday the West Yorkshire People's Assembly will be hosting a meeting to bring activists from trade unions, campaigns, student and other anti-cuts groups together and find ways to unite our forces against the cuts. Please come along and bring your union banner!

Saturday, 9th November, People's Assembly meeting in Leeds. All anti-cuts campaigns, trade unions, political parties, groups and individuals are invited to the day of discussion and workshops on how we take the anti-austerity movement forward in West Yorkshire. The aim is to generate concrete strategies and plans for united action. Please come and be involved!
Doors open at 10am, Swarthmore Centre, 2-7 Woodhouse Square, Leeds. Timetable:

10.30 - 11am: Opening the assembly. Sam Fairbairn, a national organiser for the People's Assembly, will be coming up to talk about the broad movement and what other People's Assemblies around the country have been doing.
11.15-12.45: Workshops on Employment, Welfare and Living Standards, Public Services, Environment.

12.45-1.45: Dinner break. The cafe in Swarthmore will be open!

1.45-2.45pm: Workshops on Education, Activism, Anti-Racism and Fascism, Alternatives to Austerity.

3-4pm: Final plenary session - feedback of key points from the sessions and proposals for joint action.
Hope to see you on Saturday at Swarthmore

West Yorkshire People's Assembly Against Austerity
For Ways to stay in touch and find out more about the fight against austerity in our area:

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