Friday, 5 November 2010

There is an Alternative

 There is an Alternative to the Tory Coalitions cuts.

A number of unions are putting forward those alternatives with the Public and Commercial Services Union stating that if the government invested in HMRC and DWP so they could effectively tackle Tax and Benefit fraud and reduce errors we retain our public services and pay off the national deficit.

There is an alternative the case against cuts in public spending

Unite have also proposed an alternative economic programme and you can download their pamphlet here:

Dealing with the Deficit

Lastly Unison's a Million Voices for Public Services site is well worth a look and details the damage which the coalition cuts programme is going to cause to jobs and services.

A Million Voices for Public Services

Leeds Trades Union Council is actively organising for the next big (hopefully!) rally of the Leeds Against the Cuts movement on 25 November 2010 at Leeds Civic Hall.

The leaflets to advertise the event are posted below.

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